Are you looking to use nitrogen with your home brew? 

Here are the steps on how we use nitrogen with beer at our Spike brewery!


  1. We carbonate the beer in our conical with CO2 very lightly, about 5-10psi for a few hours using our Carb Stone Bundle.  Carbonate for no more than 24 hours; the goal is to get a bit of CO2 into solution.  You are not carbonating this like a typical beer with CO2.

  2. We transfer the beer into our corny keg with a Carbonating Keg Lid

  3. Instead of hooking the keg up to a CO2 tank, we hook it up to a tank filled with Beer Gas. It's a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen. 

  4. With our regulator attached and the gas attached to the keg we turn the beer gas up to 30-35 psi.  We serve it at this pressure with a stainless steel nitrogen faucet. 

For any other questions on this process, feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team at