First Cleaning

  • Out of the box, we recommend a good scrub with hot water and dish soap. The dish soap will break down any manufacturing oils that might still be present on the equipment.


  • Passivation has become a buzz word in brewing. Contrary to popular belief, Star San does not need to be used to passivate your new equipment. When the stainless steel surface is cleaned (like described above) the oxygen in the atmosphere will react with the stainless and instantly form an oxide barrier (passivation). We professionally passivate all our welds according to ASTM standard A967-05.

Cleaning After Brewing

  • Post brew day we recommend using Craft Meister's Alkaline Brewery Wash (ABW). It's specifically formulte to dissolve at lower temp. ABW will break down the tough stuck on organic compounds that are caused from brewing.
  • We recommend mixing 2oz of ABW to 1 gallon of warm water. This solution can be used to scrub the kettles clean, soak accessories and/or run through your system to clean hoses, valves, etc. After cleaning rinse with warm water and you'll be set for your next brew day.


  • We recommend Bar Keepers Friend on a damp rag to shine your kettle.
  • Avoid scrubbing the etched volumes and logo as they can fade the etchings over time.