Our Trio panels use a VESA Mounting layout on the back. What this means is you can use standard TV mounts found at your local hardware store or online, to attach your panel to the wall.

The backside of the 10/15/20/30 gallon Trio panels use a VESA 200x200 square configuration. The 50 gallon Trio panels use a 300x300 equivalent VESA mounting solution.  

On the left is a fixed mount (fixed to wall) and on the right is a multi point pivot mount. Both mounts pictured are mounts we have tested to work well. They are rated for heavy TVs, as the panel you're mounting weighs over 40 lbs.

For most applications, we strongly suggest the fixed plate option because it offers the most rigid support and stability of your panel, and is easier to install. Also, the fixed plate option will have a more rigid response from the panel buttons. 

These mounts will typically include the VESA standard hardware, specifically the screws. The 10/15/20/30 gallon Trio panels have a VESA standard 6mm screw point on the back and no additional parts are needed. The 50 gal Trio panels use a 5/16" screw point.

The following is a picture of the back side of a multi point pivot setup for reference.

It's important to note that on all our panels, there is still the option of the more common industrial approach, which is to drill a big enough hole for a 5/16" screw, in each corner of the enclosure, and then proceed to mount to a backer board such as 3/4" plywood or to commonly used building materials such as uni-strut. See page 2 of THIS document for instructions on mounting with this method