The single vessel brewing process may lend itself to a small amount of grain passing through your basket and entering your kettle.

In our testing, we found 2% or less of ‘grain pass through’ to be typical on brew day. To put that in perspective that is roughly 6oz of grain for a 20lb recipe. To accurately measure the amount of grain getting through, be sure to dry it out first then weigh it. If you are seeing more than 2% of your grain passing through your basket and into your kettle, here are a few tips.
  • When mashing in (adding your grain to the basket/water) keep your pump and heating element off for the first 5-10mins. This will allow the grain to fully hydrate. Once fully hydrated the grain is larger and less likely to pass through the filter at the bottom of your grain basket.
  • Restart the pump slowly.  The valve needs to be just open enough to get wort back on top. Opening the valve too far and quickly will cause a vacuum in the kettle and compact the grain. 
  • Double check your crush. We recommend a .035” crush. Anything finer will allow grain to potentially pass through the filter in the grain basket

Check out the Solo Brew Day Video for more information!