How much longer does it take to heat the 10 gallon Solo System with 120V vs 240V?

  • Both the 120V and 240V 10 gallon Solo systems use the same heating element
  • The 240V system outputs the full 5,500 available watts, while the 120V uses 1,350 watts
  • This means the 240V will heat the same amount of liquid about 4 times faster than the 120V.

There are many variables that affect heating times but the 110V Solo will bring 7 gallons of liquid from mash temps to boiling in 60-90mins. We do recommend covering the kettle as it's heating to boil temp, as this will dramatically reduce heating times. The standard lid will need to be taken off during boil which will reduce how vigorous the boil is however the Steam Condensing Lid can be added which will both increase how vigorous the boil is and will capture steam.