Once your kettles and panel are setup, for an effective use of your panel, you will need to Auto Tune your Hot Liquor Tank PID Controller. The Auto Tune will calibrate temperatures in the HLT, ensuring the most efficient and accurate heating. You only need to do the Auto Tune before your first brew, and only on your Hot Liquor Tank.

To Auto Tune Your HLT

  1. Fill your HLT 75% full with water.
  2. On the PID, press the up arrow until you hit 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Press the left arrow to “set” the temperature at 150F.
  4. Turn the HLT element switch on to start heating your water to 150F.
  5. Once water reaches 150F, press the left arrow on the HLT PID until the bottom screen reads “AT.”
  6. Press the up arrow to turn “AT” to “on” and press the left arrow. This will start the Auto Tune process.
  7. Auto Tune is complete when AT stops blinking on your PID.

For any further questions on Auto Tuning, please reach out to our trusted partners from Electric Brewing Supply at 906-523-2344 or contactus@ebrewsupply.com.