We get asked by homebrewers and breweries alike, what are the key differences between the Spike Trio system and Spike Nano system. Here is some overview on the main differences!
From a process standpoint, what is different between the Spike Trio system and the Spike Nano system?
  • The Trio System uses the HLT to control the mash temperature by pumping wort through the HERMS coil, and back into the Mash tun throughout the full mash cycle. Because there is no direct element in the mash tun, the user will reduce element wear and power need – much more economical for the homebrewer. The Nano system is a single infusion system; grain is added to strike water, and will rest in mash tun for life of mash cycle. If temperature on mash does drop below intended temperature, simple recirculate wort through MCS below mash tun and back into top of mash tun to regulate the temperature.
  • Cleaning is simplified on the Nano system; spent grain is removed via the manway and grain chute. All kettles are bottom draining with cart to catch any splashes or mess and to one central exit down the drain. Once grain is removed, the CIP ball (clean in place) can be used to spray down the boil kettle. The cleaning process on the Trio system is a bit more manual from a grain extraction standpoint, as grain must be scooped from mash tun. Like the Nano, you can use your brewing pumps to CIP all ports, but some manual trub/hop removal may be necessary
Why is there such a price difference between the Trio and Nano System?
  • The Spike Nano system has some key upgrades in design that will make your brew day quicker and a bit simpler than our Spike Trio system. The manway door, full cart drip tray and bottom draining kettles will cut time off your cleaning process after each brew. The heating elements are upgraded in power (1,000 extra watts per kettle) over our Trio system as well. The Nano panel is designed to handle the increased power, is UL listed, and features all industrial components. Lastly, roughly 85% of the system is made in the USA!
Is the Trio system capable of making the same quality beer as the Nano?
  • Yes! The Trio system is a great option for those looking to brew at home, as a pilot system at a brewery, or to power a small taproom. You will find a bit simpler brewing process and overall cleaning process with the Nano, but the Trio system has been proven to turn out high quality beer by many homebrewers and breweries alike!