When it comes to your brewing system, you want one that fits just right. That’s where we come in. Spike’s two dependable, high-quality stainless systems have all the necessary components to make delicious beer batch after batch. Both the Spike Trio and Nano are used by home and professional brewers alike, but the real question is...which one is right for you? The system comparison chart below will help you decide which features are an absolute must have.

With design features like bottom-draining kettles with a full-length drip tray for quick cleanup, and a commercial grade UL approved panel – available in single- and double-batch configurations – that provides up to 27,000w of heating power, the Spike Nano System is the sexiest, most sophisticated and efficient system on the market.

The Nano’s process is intuitive, too. The absence of hard piping and a complex valve tree means the system is both easier to clean and operate. Plus, 85% of the Nano’s parts are sourced and manufactured in the U.S. We’ll even personalize the system with your logo.