Here is the procedure for cleaning out your conical after fermentation is complete and you've racked out of the vessel

  1. Attach the CIP Ball to the 1.5" TC port on the lid of your conical.
  2. Attach a 1.5" TC x barb fitting to the CIP and 6 foot of silicone hosing
  3. Attach a "vent" to the thermowell port using your 90 degree elbow 1.5" TC cap and another hose.
  4. Run hot water through the hose/CIP ball and drain through the bottom port. Repeat 4-5 times till most loose material fall out
  5. Attach a 2" TC x Barb fitting to the bottom port and 3 feet of silicone hosing to the barb
  6. Add 2 oz of ABW to the conical and 1 gallon of hot water through the top 4" port, cap the 4" port or feel free to keep your coiling coil in there if you use one.
  7. Attach both silicone hoses to a brewing pump and open the bottom port butterfly valve.
  8. Turn on the pump. Allow the ABW solution to cycle through the CIP for 30 minutes
  9. Remove the bottom port 2" TC barb fitting and drain ABW
  10. Repeat step 4 till rinse water is no longer slimy and conical is clean
  11. Check the conical by removing the lid to see if all material has been cleaned from the inside. If not completely clean, repeat steps 5-10 till conical is clean.
  12. Open all ports and rinse all ports with water. Allow to air dry

Be sure to sanitize the conical again before next use.