Our 2" sight glass makes it easy to perform a clean yeast harvest after fermentation has concluded.

  1. Cold crash the beer for at least 24 hours and apply a pressure to your conical of about 5 PSI using the gas manifold.
  2. Simply attach the sight glass to the bottom port.
  3. Open the the bottom port's butterfly valve just enough that yeast flows into the sight glass. Note the color and consistency of what fills the sight glass.
  4. If dark with particulate matter, this is residual trub and needs to be discarded. Close the valve and remove the sight glass and dump down the drain. (Note: might be hard to distinguish on darker beers)
  5. If light, thick and opaque, this is healthy yeast and can be kept for harvest! Close the valve, remove the sight glass and save!
  6. Continue harvesting yeast, by the sight glass full, till the yeast cake starts to thin and look frothy, at this point you're pulling beer.

Some have exchanged the 2" TC end cap at the end of their sight glass for another butterfly valve. This makes harvest even easier! You can see if you are pulling healthy yeast ahead of the valve and open/close the valve to pull all the yeast in one sitting.