To optimize your cooling, here are a few things to look at.

  1. Confirm the glycol chiller is cooling or not; does the chiller maintain it’s setpoint?
  2. The glycol chiller may be too cold, causing beer around it to freeze and not chilling the entire batch evenly. We suggest keeping the glycol chiller at ~29F or higher.
  3. Verify the glycol temp with a different probe or measuring device. The glycol chiller probe may be picking up a warmer temp than the reservoir is actually at.
    1. Confirm there is enough glycol/water to cover the readout probe adequality. If not, your chiller could be reading the air temperature.
    2. If only running a single fermenter, chiller could be getting cold spot in the reservoir due to lack of agitation. If so, try moving the glycol return line around to encourage better circulation
  4. Make sure the inlet and outlet tubing in your chiller are spaced apart to prevent the pump from sucking up the warmer coolant that has just returned
  5. Check your water to glycol ratio. We recommend a ratio of 50% glycol, 50% water.
  6. See the TC100product guide (link HERE) which explains temperature inversion. This guide is especially important when you near 40 degrees Fahrenheit.