To ensure a quick and vigorous fermentation, be sure to add oxygen to your wort before pitching your yeast. We recommend using our carbonation stone to add this oxygen.

  1. Fill your conical with chilled wort after boiling and chilling.
  2. Make sure your blow off tube is already attached, emptying into a bucket of sanitizer.
  3. Attach our carb stone to the racking port of your conical.  
  4. Connect your oxygen tank to the gas post of the carbonation stone.
    1. Need an oxygen tank/setup? We recommend an oxygen tank, regulator, tubing and a ball lock connector.
  5. Turn on your oxygen tank and then open your butterfly valve on the racking port.
  6. Let oxygen diffuse into your beer for 60 seconds.
  7. Close the butterfly valve.
  8. Remove the gas line.
  9. Remove the carb stone for cleaning.
  10. Pitch your yeast!