There are a few key checkpoints we recommend checking to determine why your conical may not be holding pressure:

  •  Flip the fermenter body upside down and onto something that is flat like a countertop or workbench. Spin the conical around and check that the lip is flat. The gasket is soft and will seal against any slight waviness however a large dent can prevent a proper seal.


  • Make sure the gaskets pointed end is facing the conical body and the flat end is facing the gasket groove in the lid


Pro Tip: We recommend installing the gasket when wet as it will slide into the lid’s gasket groove easier and will thus be fully seated

  • Make sure the lid is centered on top of the conical body before installing the lid clamp
  • Tighten the lid clamp until there is about ¼” gap or less between the two joining ends of the clamp. This will require the clamp to be tightened down very tight.

Pro Tip: If you have trouble tightening down to ¼” gap or less and the clamp makes a grinding noise when tighten we recommend adding anti-seize on the threads. We install anti-seize on every clamp when it leaves the factory however it can wear out or dry up over time. This can be picked up at any local hardware store.


  • Can you hear any audible leaks? Spray down the lid, clamp and accessories with StarSan or Windex which will bubble up at the sign of a leak. On rare instances a weld on the lid could have a pinhole leak which can’t be seen by the naked eye or an accessory could have a defect which causes a leak. Pressure relief valves and gas posts have been known to form leaky o-rings overtime.


  • Make sure to use Teflon tape on any threaded connections such as gas posts, pressure gauges, and pressure relief valves.


  • If you have tightened the lid all the way down, pressurized it and the tank still doesn’t hold up to 15psi we recommend relieving all the pressure (very important to ensure that the tank is at 0psi), loosen the clamp and then retighten it. Many times this will reseat the gasket and form a solid seal.


If you continue to experience leaking issues please contact our customer support team HERE.