Each pickup tube from Spike plays an important role in your brew day process. The pickup tubes are designed to be used in your kettle/brewing system.

When purchasing a pickup tube, keep in mind that we offer each in a NPT (threaded) and tri-clamp specification.

All pickub tubes use a quick connect fitting, allowing the tube to slide in and out easily, as well as hold a strong connection throughout brew day.

Side Pickup Tube

  • Designed to rest on the stepped bottom of our kettle, ensuring only clear wort is pulled out, leaving trub and hops behind.
  • Recommended Uses
    • Boil kettle – Use as both drain pickup and whirlpool arm. Create a whirlpool inside your kettle so hop material collects in the center of the lower stepped section. The side pickup will drain clear wort from the side, above the stepped bottom, avoiding the hop and trub material which has settled.
    • Custom Kettles - Works as a top re-circulation arm or a whirlpool arm.

Shorty Pickup Tube

  • Designed to pick up from the bottom of the kettle, taking out all contents.
  • Recommended Uses
    • Hot Liquor Tank – because this kettle is only water, all contents can be drained when brew day is complete.

Center Pickup Tube

  • Designed for use with our false bottom, used to pick up wort from the center of the kettle. Because it pulls from below the filter, only clear wort should leave the kettle.
  • The center pickup tube is included with the purchase of each false bottom.
  • The Tank false bottoms do not come with a center pickup tube as one is not needed.