To avoid a stuck mash in your Spike Solo, we've added our tips below to ensure proper grain bed compaction in pursuit of an efficient beer. 

  • Check out our Solo process guide for our recommendations on brew day.
  • Stay away from rice hulls. Many brewers use rice hulls to prevent a stuck mash when using a poorly designed false bottom. With our laser cut false bottom rice hulls are not needed
  • Grain Crush - we recommend a crush of .035" based on our testing 
  • When mashing in, restrict pump exit valve to about 1/4 of full flow
  • Use a constant recirculation during the entire mash
  • Watch the liquid volume in your basket. If the volume in the basket rises, you may have a stuck mash. If you do, simply turn off your pump, stir the mash for a minute, and turn pump back on.