With any of the Spike Systems, you can upgrade your panel in order to do double batches. The upgraded panel allows you to fire both elements at the same time in the HLT and BK from one single location.

Save Time – Mash in on your second batch while you boil your first!

How this works:

  • After sparge is complete, move your wort from the MT into the BK to begin the boil
  • Fill your HLT with water again
  • Turn the HLT element on and again begin to heat your water temp to desired strike level
  • Clean out your mash tun to prep for new grain
  • Once strike water is ready in HLT, transfer to MT and mash in
  • When your boil is completed, drain your wort of your first batch from the BK to fermenter
  • Clean your BK to get ready for your second batch
  • When mash is complete, sparge into BK and begin boil on batch 2.

Double Batch Panel Electrical Requirements 

System Size (Gallons)Type of PanelOutlet Type# of OutletsBreaker (Amps)
10/15/20/30Single BatchNEMA 14-30130
10/15/20/30Double Batch
NEMA 14-50160
50Single BatchNEMA 14-50160
50Double Batch
NEMA 14-50260 (x2)